I had felt the need to add conventional orthodontic services to my practice after I had had considerable success with many Invisalign cases. I had the good fortune to fall into Light Force orthodontics, which at first meant little to me in comparison to other orthodontics philosophies. However, my first six months produced considerable frustrations which led me to inquire of some of the orthodontic supply reps about any possible course which would more fully meet my needs and avoid the problems I first encountered with my first course. Of the reps I queried, all of them universally recommended Bill Buckley as the teacher for me. He had an extensive Pankey/Dawson background as did I, and over 25 years of Orthodontic experience, and tremendous professional success in Light Force Orthodontics.

Classes were small and intimate. I was the newcomer of a group of 8 other doctors. All others had cases going, I only two. A scheduling conflict allowed me to arrive on the second day of class. I found Bill engaging, energetic, and steady. He was conscientious and respectful of our time, not wasting 20 minutes all day long. He worked with me after the class had dismissed, to help me catch up. He is a patient teacher, working to make the principles apply in practice. Classes were theoretical, and pratical, group related, and addressing patients case, by case.

I will complete his first course by June, and will undoubtedly sign up for his next class. Dr. Buckley has made our course time stimulating and rewarding. I have gained perspective and confidence, and am sure that in the upcoming months, convention orthodontics will become a major part of my practice.

Dr. David Gates
Las Vegas, NV

This is the most comprehensive orthodontic course I have taken. Dr. Buckley is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of dentistry and has taken my practice to new level. His course goes beyond orthodontics and moving teeth. You will gain a better understanding and appreciation for all disciplines of dentistry. His passion for teaching goes beyond the classroom. He has become a true mentor and friend. Thank you Bill!

Thomas M. Scibor D.D.S.
Buffalo, NY

Dr. Buckley is by far my favorite dentist that I have worked for in over 20 years of being a Hygienist here and in Pennsylvania. I pride myself in high standards, and Dr. Buckley is a Dentist who not only talks about those standards but puts the very same ones into practice. I am proud to say that I work for Dr. Buckley. The Dental community is aware of Dr. Buckley's dedication to excellence, he has received his Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry, and his Diplomat from not only one Orthodontic Organization but two. He truly enjoys each and every patient, and takes the time to inquire about your family, so come with pictures and stories you will enrich our lives.

- Brenda Fox
Former Hygienist for Dr. Buckley

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