Occlusion Seminars


This course is designed to introduce, train, and supplement Concepts of Occlusion, Practical use of Occlusal Principals in General Practice, help a Dentist who would like to UPGRADE their knowledge about OCCLUSION, learn Facebow transfer, Centric Bite Registration, Customized Incisive Guide Table, Cusp Fossa Guides, Anterior Deprogrammers, Bite Planes, Bruxism Guards, When and where each should be used, Broderick Occlusal Plane Analyzer, or When to Use a Adjustable Articulator or just let the Lab mount the case. The course is designed with lecture and practical sessions. Each participant will learn the Bimanual Manipulation technique of Dr. Dawson, and leaf gage usage for accurate CR recording in 2 minutes. Doctors will learn the use of the Lucia Jig, value of split cast mounted working models for Diagnosis of OCCLUSAL DISEASE and TREATMENT PLANNING, the Value of a Diagnostic Wax up, How to evaluate a Diagnostic Wax up, When and Where to use The Diagnostic Was up, and Eliminating any confusion about Increasing Vertical Dimension of Occlusion. The goal for each participant is that after the six sessions they feel confident in taking centric records and making it practical in their own practices, the value in applying centric relation occlusion to their everyday procedures, and the use in mounted study models to predict correct treatment and at the same time making that treatment predictable.


                LECTURE                             HANDS ON


1st meeting: August 20/21, 2010

                    Historical perspective of Occlusion               Mounting Study Models in Centric

                        Neuromuscular component of Occlusion                  Centric bite records,and bimanual manip.

                        Occlusal Schemes                                                     Lucia Jig-Split cast study models

                       Envelope of Function vs Motion

2nd meeting:  October 22/23, 2010

                         Concepts of Occlusion                                             Mount partner's Split cast Models

                        -Group function                                                      Diagnosis and Treatment Plan case

                        -Cuspid Guidance                                                  Trial Equilibrations on Mounted models

                        -Anterior Guidance                                                Centric Bite Verification

                        -Interferences both Balancing and Working

3rd meeting: December 10/11, 2010

                     Defining the Components of Anterior Guidance      Broderick Flag

                     Anterior Teeth and their JOB                                  Split cast Models and Spray painting

                     Posterior Teeth and their JOB                                Occlusal plan and Impact on treatment

4th meeting:  Febuary 18/19, 2011

                      Plane of Occlusion                                                 Customized Incisive Guide Table

                     -MICP     CR                                                           Cusp Fossa Guide

                    -Long Centric   Pitch and Bevel                              Diagnostic Wax up

                   -Revisit Envelope of Motion/Function

5th meeting: April 22/23, 2011 

                    Bite Plane, max/ Mend?                                       Bite Plane manufacture

                     Anterior Deprogrammer                                          Essix Bite Plane

                    Predictable Occlusion                                            Anterior Deprogrammer

                    Clenching vs Bruxism Who is Who                        Diagnostic wax up on your patient

                    Diagnostic Temporaries and their Use

6th meeting: July 15/16, 2011

                      IF NOT WHY NOT WEEKEND                           **Each Participant will present case from Initial

                     Total review of Occlusion                                    records to Complete Diagnosis and

                     Putting Occlusion in Your Office                           Treatment Planned.

                      and making it Practical.



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