If your interests lie in Orthodontics you will be extensively trained, and at the end of the two year course you should be well prepared to pass the  Tier Advancement for either IAO, or Light Force America. If you are just looking for an update you can enter the ADVANCED COURSE. If you would like to obtain training on CENTRIC RELATION OCCLUSION and bring the concepts back to your office, or OCCLUSAL ADJUSTMENT, MOUNTING WITH FACEBOW, LUCIA JIGS, ANTERIOR DEPROGRAMMERS, OCCLUSAL GUARDS, or other aspects of OCCLUSION RELATED DENTISTRY, call and register for the OCCLUSION COURSE. 

Both the Tip-Edge Plus® and the CORALEX® brackets are Tip-Edge brackets, these brackets now are advanced edgewise brackets, capable of using the best of both light force and straight wire mechanics. During the course the differences will be taught and you can make the decision on which to use and when. Also tip-edge Brackets are inreality Advanced Modified Edgewise brackets with a Roth Perscription.


















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