Refresher Classes

Would you like your ortho cases to be more profitable? 

Are your cases taking longer than expected?

Could your business benefit from more chair time and fewer ortho referrals?

Are you finding it difficult to bring cases to an excellent conclusion? 


Refreshing your orthodontics knowledge is a big determinant in providing consistent, quality care that drives patient satisfaction and your practice's bottom line. Dr. Buckley offers a two day weekend course that can help you be back on top of your game. 

Call Dr. Buckley and get more details about a class near you call 440-50-TOOTH (440-508-6684) or e-mail


Refresher Course Overview

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. In-Treatment Issues
  4. Case Finishing
  5. Retention


Participants receive AGD Pace Credits for each hour (refresher classes typically provide 16 hours in a weekend). 

In the Boardman Area? Join our regularly scheduled refresher class.

Bring your cases, finished or unfinished, and enjoy the collegiality. Every weekend has literature review, power-point presentation on a specific area of Orthodontics, and case reviews. 

Dates: 2016: March 18-19 | May 13-14 | July 15,16 | September 16-17 | November 4-5

Dates: 2017: January 13-14 | March 10-11 | May 12-13 | July 14-15 | September 15-16 | November 10-11 


Hotel Accomodations at the Boardman Holiday Inn | 330.726.1611

Talk with Sheri, there is a special rate for participants.


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